Lynair Inc. being established since 1948, has been committed to supplying hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders of unsurpassed quality.  Lynair has been proven in the toughest environments including the steel, foundry, and sawmill industries.  Add to this Lynair's excellent competitive pricing gives you one of the best values in the industry.  

Lynair Manufactures one of the most extensive lines of Tie Rod Cylinders in the industry. The rugged designs of Lynair Cylinders have been proven in some of the most toughest industrial environments. One unique feature of Lynair Cylinders is chrome plated I.D. barrel bore, standard on both Air & Hydraulic Cylinders. Lynair also uses Metal to Metal Cushions, which last the life of our cylinders as opposed to floating cushions, or cushion seals, which can fail over time. In addition to Lynair's superior design, they offer outstanding customer service, quick delivery, & competitive pricing, making them the best value in the industry.

Lynair has been manufacturing their rugged Mill-Type line of Cylinders for over forty years. The heavy duty, welded flange design has been proven in Steel Mill & Aluminum Mill applications throughout the world. In these tough environments, where downtime is not an option, Lynair has distinguished itself as the standard of the industry. Lynair pays very close attention to the consumer needs for custom cylinder requests. Often, a modified standard cylinder can be supplied to replace a custom cylinder. Lynair's experienced engineers have an extensive library of designs to draw upon in supplying your custom cylinder needs.



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