Crusher, Pulverizes, Multi Processors, Sheers

TOKU America Demolition Equipment

Demolition by TOKU

"RS" series crushers

"SH" series shears

"FM" Mechanical pulverizers

"FPV" series hydraulic pulverizers

"RV" series rotating pulverizer.

See below attached download for complete spec's and model codes to fit your machine

TECHNOLOGY (T&H) Hydraulic Crushers, Pulverizers, Multi Processors, Sheers

Hydraulic Crushers, Sheers & Sheet Pile Drivers:

BY Technology ( T&H )

Salem Hydraulics Co. has available a wide variety of demolition equipment to fit any job.

Providing hydraulic boom mounted crushers and sheers, some with interchangeable jaws to fit your demolition needs.

Weather fixed, non-rotational or continuous rotation with interchangeable jaws, we can provide you with Multi-Processor,