Hydraulic and Mechanical Thumb

B&D Fabricators

B&D Mechanical and Hydraulic Thumb
Thumbs kits are available in both Hydraulic and Mechanical models,
and are designed to mate and match the performance requirements
of your equipment. Weather your needs is an excavator or a
wheel loader backhoe....


B&D has it covered !

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GEITH Hydraulic & Mechanical Thumb

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"Leaders in Quality, Serivce & Reliabiliy"

Easi-Klamp Mechanical Thumb

The universal Easi-Klamp thums provide an economical & safe solution to solve job-site material handling needs.
GEITH has a wide range of of products for mini-excavators, wheel backhoe loaders, and large excavators.
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Design Features:

    AMI Hydraulic & Mechanical Thumbs

    AMI, with their distinct design, using HELAC actuators, far out proform all other manufactures.

    The GRAPTOR grapple bucket ( Thumb Bucket ) with this built in the body technology makes

    it superior to all others and gives you the advantage of a hydraulic thumb mounted to the

    bucket - NOT your excavator, making it simple to install and removes excessive weight and bulk

    from the end of the stick. However if it's a true thumb for a excavator you want,

    AMI and Salem Hydraulics will fit provide for you.